New in Yosemite: Dark Menus

Mel Martin
M. Martin|10.19.14

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Mel Martin
October 19th, 2014
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New in Yosemite: Dark Menus

You might not have noticed it, but hidden away in the System Preferences General tab in Yosemite is a new feature called 'Dark Menu Bar''. What it does is simple; it darkens the menu bar and the dock, making icons and text really stand out.

It does the same to any menus in any applications. I particularly like the look of Photoshop menus with this feature turned on, because they are not as distracting as bright white menus.

The menu bar and dock are still a bit translucent, but the look is very striking. The only downside is that some menu bar icons disappear when dark menus are turned on because they have black icons. Some programmers were smart and sense the dark menubar and turn their icons and text white.

I like the look of the dark menus, and with Yosemite's new typeface it makes for a striking visual experience. Not everyone will want the change, but give it a try and see if it strikes your fancy.
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