Rob Riggle cast as Frank West in Dead Rising: Watchtower

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Rob Riggle cast as Frank West in Dead Rising: Watchtower
Frank West, Capcom's favorite zombie-killing photojournalist, will be portrayed by former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle in Legendary's live-action Dead Rising: Watchtower film.

"But he's a comedian," we hear you shout. "What does he know about jamming a Servbot helmet on the undead?" Granted, Riggle's not the most obvious choice, but he does have the right lantern-jawed look for the character and Riggle's one of the few candidates who can say that he, like his video game counterpart, has actually covered wars.

As for what he'll be doing in Dead Rising: Watchtower, that remains unknown. Legendary's vague synopsis claims the film focuses on the survivors of a zombie outbreak who begin to suspect government involvement. That should be familiar ground for anyone who's played a Dead Rising entry, but does nothing to differentiate the film from its source material.

So far there's no release date for Dead Rising: Watchtower, but it will debut exclusively on the Crackle digital video network.
[Image: Capcom]
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