Sling to the rescue in The Adventures of SlingCat

Players shoot arrows at enemies to prevent them from taking all of the player's coins away

A mad pirate atop a terrifying vulture has swooped in to and steal a map in The Adventures of SlingCat. An adventurous, yet adorable, blue cat named SlingCat is on a mission to rescue his rambunctious sister and the other half of the aforementioned treasure map. In this side-scrolling endless runner players feel a sense of urgency in every aspect of the gameplay. Each level ends with a combat stage where SlingCat uses arrows to destroy his enemies. The Adventures of SlingCat is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

It is very easy to get started in The Adventures of SlingCat. Players navigate their blue cat friend over and under enemies while trying to get as many coins as they can. Using the coins players get in the level as their health is a nice change to the traditional health system.

Players navigate their character through the level dodging enemies and picking up coins in The Adventures of SlingCat

The Adventures of SlingCat bursts with a cute art style featuring two cats - one blue and one pink - who are searching for a hidden treasure chest. They have to venture through different terrain filled with numerous enemies, from really strong ground enemies to flying enemies. Players have to plan out the best way of attacking to take out all of the enemies while limiting the amount of damage they take. This may involve knocking down a flying enemy, who will drop the rock they are carrying onto the ground enemy barreling toward the player's character. When the player's character gets hit by either an object or enemy, they loose coins which are important for getting full stars on each level.

A couple of drawbacks to The Adventures of SlingCat is that you can only play 6 levels for free and some UI problems. After players finish the six levels, you have to pay US$0.99 to unlock the full game which is a little annoying. The UI problems are that some of the buttons are too small, like the continue and restart buttons. This makes it hard for players to accurately tap the button.

Players use special arrows to deal more damage to enemies in The Adventures of SlingCat

While it is a let down that only six levels of The Adventures of SlingCat are free on the App Store, the game's cute art style combined with its fun and engaging gameplay makes it worth the download. If you enjoy the six levels, it is even worth the US$0.99 to unlock the expansive full game.