Exoskeleton for your hand lets you feel virtual objects and control robots

Chinese company Dexta Robotics set out to develop a hand motion-capturing device last year, but instead of creating a glove like everybody else, they designed an impressively affordable exoskeleton. This device called Dexmo -- available in classic and F2 variants -- can be used as a virtual reality or a robot controller. For VR, it serves as a way to interact with the digital world within systems like the Oculus Rift -- the F2 version even has haptic feedback, letting you feel the size of the virtual object you've picked up on screen. The classic version, on the other hand, is purely an input device. In robotics, it can be used to control mechanical hands and arms, even ones designed for dangerous and sensitive tasks like bomb disposal.

In addition, Dexmo can be used to mix music à la Imogen Heap or even control remote-controlled cars and smart lighting, among many other things. Dexta Robotics is currently trying to raise $200,000 via Kickstarter to fund the exoskeleton's production, and you can get one for as low as $65 (by May 2015), so long as the startup reaches its goal. To know if the exoskeleton's worth pledging for, check out the demo videos below.