Get daily inspiration with BrainyQuote

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Pretty much everyone would enjoy a thoughtful quotation displayed against a vast natural panorama. Now, iPhone users can create their very own inspirational image and share it via social media, text, or email with BrainyQuote. This free app is available for iOS 7.1 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

The app is extremely straightforward and simple. Upon opening it, the quote of the day atop a nature scene is displayed. Then, using that quote or one of the several thousand from the in-app library organized by topic, users can create inspirational backgrounds for their iPhones, or post them to social media such as Facebook.

BraonyQuote screenshot

Users can also scroll through past quotes of the day by tapping on the arrow on the left-hand side of the screen. If they tap on the "explore" feature at the bottom of the screen, they can pick from a list of topics-everything from age to dating to religion to wisdom-as well as search by author's name. They can then flip through each quote, displayed on its own background, which can be swapped for another background by tapping the photo option immediately below.

Once the desired quote and image are matched, the user can upload their jot of inspiration to different social media outlets, text it, email it, save it to their camera roll to use as a background or lock screen. Users can also open the BrainyQuote website, where they can get more information on the author, find related authors, and even link to their published works (if they have any) on Amazon.

BrainyQuote screenshot

This is a fun little app with stunning naturescapes and thoughtful quotes. One of the interesting things about having so many quotations in so many categories is that they cover almost every perspective imaginable. This means that there will be something here for everyone, and of course new ones are being added every day. (If they so desire, users can have a daily notification at the same time letting them know what the daily quote is. The set time is 8 am but this can be changed in-app.)

There isn't really anything negative to say about this app, as it does precisely what it was advertised to do. Naturally, this makes it somewhat limited in scope by nature, but it is refreshing to find an app that is streamlined, uncomplicated, and delivers exactly what was promised.

BraonyQuote screenshot

The only thing I could think of to add might be a way for users to import their own quotes. While there are a good number stored within the app, particularly perceptive or thoughtful users might have one that is very special to them which isn't there. Perhaps in future updates this kind of feature will be added.

Overall, the BrainyQuote app provides users with an aesthetic and user-friendly means to put a small dose of thoughtful inspiration into their day. Given how often most of us look at our phones, this kind of a reminder would not be a bad thing at all.