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How to disable taking iPhone calls on your iPad

Victor Agreda Jr
Victor Agreda Jr|October 28, 2014 11:00 AM
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While there are a number of how-to's on the topic of enabling your iPad to take iPhone calls in iOS 8, there are unfortunately a lot of people spreading FUD about the ability to turn it off. Yes, you can turn it off. It's the same as turning it on, but you switch to OFF... So, no, this isn't a "conspiracy" as some have called it, to "get you to create more Apple IDs!!!" Yes, these people love those exclamation points. And yes, people are actually positing this conspiracy theory in Apple's forums. Sigh.

Anyway, you open your iPad and go into Settings, then FaceTime settings, and switch iPhone Cellular Calls to off (the switch will be green if on). This same toggle is in the Mac version of FaceTime as well, in Preferences for the app there.

If only there were a switch for paranoia.
How to disable taking iPhone calls on your iPad