Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Sunset Overdrive' on Xbox One! (update: game over!)

We've been singing Sunset Overdrive's praises for awhile now and it's finally time that the rest of the world gets a chance to play it. The Xbox One exclusive isn't just a killer game, but it's one of the stand-out releases in this year's crowded holiday launch season. What makes it so awesome? Well, for starters it places pure fun over everything else, and coming from the folks responsible for the excellent Ratchet and Clank series for PlayStation hardware it really shouldn't be a surprise. Sunset City is where you're free to dress up exactly how you want (my character is rocking an orange-and-blue pompadour and a pair of underwear with a stuffed kangaroo head dangling off the front; seriously) and shoot ridiculous weapons at former humans while grinding around on power-lines and bouncing off of cars. Never before have we seen vinyl records used to mow down cartoonish mutants, but hopefully it happens a lot more in the future.

Want a peek at all this madness? Of course you do, and that's why you should come back here at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT and witness it for yourself as we stream live from the Xbox One. But wait, there's more! We also have Xbox One download codes to give away for Killer Instinct Season Two: Ultimate Edition, Minecraft, Project Spark and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. All you need to do is tune in. If you like what you see, you could even sign up for our Sunset Overdrive Xbox One giveaway, too!

[For the record, I'm playing Sunset Overdrive on an Xbox One, using a retail copy (download) provided by Microsoft. I'm streaming the game over wired internet using the Xbox One Twitch app. All that to say, "This game will likely look prettier and run more smoothly on your home equipment. Streaming conditions vary!"]

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