Keen Home wants smart devices that help prevent basement flooding

The promise of a smart home, ultimately, is to introduce savings of some sorts be it with time, effort or money. Keen Home is targeting the latter with its Smart Vent which monitors things like outside air temperature as well as the climate in your abode to regulate heat and AC. That happens via smart device, of course and apparently the whole thing can cut your HVAC system's runtime by 32 percent according to the company. What's coming down the pike, though, is what could be the most interesting: bringing "proactive intelligence" to otherwise dumb products in the house. Specifically, sump pumps that you can monitor from a mobile gizmo and will alert you should something go awry before your basement turns into a wading pool.

We'd imagine those living in areas with high water-tables are pretty eager to hear more about those. Aside from the admittedly vague (and expected) features like remote device diagnostics, proactive monitoring and water-intrusion analytics, however, not much else is known.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]