Advertisement adds collaboration, sharing features to its to-do app

Productivity-focused app, which is available on iOS, Android and the web, has gained popularity largely because, well, it helps people get things done. But, with households and businesses being about more than just one particular user, the to-do application knows that catering itself to only a single person per account isn't enough. Accordingly, is introducing its Team Management and Group Sharing features, allowing you to create, distribute and assign tasks among a number of different people -- with as many as you want, in fact, so long as you have a new Premium account, which costs $5 per month (though right now there's a promo for $3 monthly).

Moreover, is also adding Dropbox integration as well as the ability to attach audio, image or video files to your tasks, in case you'd like to send your husband/wife a selfie for picking up that gallon of milk on the way home. Oh, and for those who'd like to customize reminders with some colored backgrounds, Premium users can do that on the new version. It's obvious is trying to drive more of you toward its paid goods, but the choice is ultimately yours -- if you're wondering, this chart describes what other extra goods are included with the non-free service.