ProShot is a worthy addition to your app collection

ProShot (free) has been a big hit on Windows Phones, but was missing from the App Store. It's no longer absent from the iOS world, and it launches with a barrel of useful features that give your iPhone capabilities similar to a serious DSLR.

Standouts are things like auto and manual ISO settings, burst mode, timers, time-lapse with fully manual control, fingertip control of ISO, shutter speed and white balance, manual focus assist and custom modes so you don't have to stick with just auto, program and manual modes.

The app supports EXIF metadata, an internal camera roll, and a grid overlay that can be customized by color. Shutter speeds can be up to 8 seconds, perfect for night photography.

The iOS incarnation of ProShot did not carry over all the features from the Windows Phone version, but most are coming, including the ability to shoot video. The app doesn't do any editing or processing at all. Take your picture with ProShot, and make your adjustments in another app.

The screen layouts are excellent. DSLRs could learn a thing or two from the design of ProShot. I took the app for a spin around my garden and really liked the flexibility offered. Focus was quick and precise. I liked the ability to set ISO and shutter speed to taste and to match the lighting conditions. Automatic modes also worked well, but for photographers seeking more flexibility this may be the app you use the most.

The only feature I missed is an HDR mode. The software is so good, I would think this app could do a nice job with the multiple exposures required to get an HDR photo. I hope it's coming.

ProShot has digital zoom up to 50x and it is the best I've seen. Still, digital zoom isn't the same as optical zoom and you are better off avoiding it if you can.

I'm certainly impressed with ProShot. There are hundreds of camera apps out there and many are excellent, but ProShot gets a lot of things "just right" in my view, and using it is an enjoyable experience that will get your creative juices flowing. I don't know if there are plans to charge for this app, so grab it now since it is free.

Adding quality HDR, HDR alignment, and processing would make this among the very best camera apps there is.

ProShot requires iOS 8 and worked smoothly on my iPhone 6. It's not universal, so it's not ideal for iPads.