20 easy toys to collect for your Toy Box

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Adam Koebel
October 31, 2014 9:00 PM
20 easy toys to collect for your Toy Box

Collecting is one of my strongest motivations for playing WoW. Lately, I've been going pretty crazy with collecting toys. I thought I'd share some of the very easiest toys I've collected. You will be able to log in and get most of these toys right away, with a few possible exceptions such as the reputation toys. However, if you've been actively playing in Mists you should already meet these reputation requirements. The rest are easy drops, simple quests, or vendor purchases.

Let's get started with the easiest of all, at a cost of a whopping 10 silver.

Vendor toys
Dropped toys
Quest toys
Bonus: The following Mists of Pandaria quest toys have prerequisites or longer quest chains to complete compared to the 3 above, but I thought they were worth mentioning: Cremating Torch, The Golden Banana, Hozen Idol, Jin Warmkeg's Brew, Ken-Ken's Mask, Lao Chin's Last Mug, Puntable Marmot, Silversage Incense, Totem of Harmony, Turnip Paint "Gun".

Reputation toys
I hope I've alerted you to at least one easy toy you may have missed. Be sure to check out my post on toy box addons if you want a better way to use your toys. Good luck with your toy collecting!
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