Warlords of Draenor beta ending on November 3

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Adam Koebel
October 31st, 2014
Warlords of Draenor beta ending on November 3

After 5 months of alpha and beta testing, the Warlords of Draenor beta realms are scheduled to be shut down permanently on Monday, November 3 at 4:00 p.m. PST. As per tradition, there will be an in-game event to say goodbye to the beta. This is scheduled to happen at 2:00 p.m. PST on the same day, though no specifics have been offered up yet.

I have many fond memories of the Warlords beta, such as the hunter community effort to solve the Gara mystery and participating in "play with the blues" events just to name a couple. Beta was fun, but I'm ready to move forward. Let's bring on the real deal.

You can find the full announcement from community manager Nethaera after the break.
The end of the Warlords of Draenor beta test is upon us. As of Monday, November 3 at 4:00 p.m. PST, the beta realms will be taken offline and players will no longer have access to the beta. But before we bring down the realms, we'd like to invite all beta testers to join us at 2:00 p.m. PST for an end of beta event. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll trade bad puns, and probably let loose just a little chaos too.

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to test the beta, provide feedback, and break ground with us on Warlords of Draenor. While this is the end of beta, it's not the end of the road as we prepare for the final release of the expansion on November 13. We look forward to seeing you there as we push through the Dark Portal once more and explore all that Draenor has to offer.

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