Denis Dyack's Shadow of the Eternals rises from the grave

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Denis Dyack's Shadow of the Eternals rises from the grave
Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack has formed a new studio, called Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. The studio, abbreviated as "QE2," will produce content not just for games, but television and film as well. On its "Under Development" page, QE2 lists an unannounced IP as well as Shadow of the Eternals - a project that was put on hold last year, after two failed Kickstarter campaigns.

Positioned as a spiritual successor to GameCube cult classic Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals tells its Lovecraftian tale of horror via multiple viewpoints over the course of thousands of years. A 9-minute gameplay video showing protagonist Clara meeting with Elizabeth Bathory, "The Blood Countess," as the two explore a strange and forbidden tome, is available to watch after the break.

Oh those forbidden tomes, always with the insanity and the Lovecraftian horror! When will people learn that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even Denis Dyack may create this game?

No platforms or release information is given regarding Shadow of the Eternals, but the most recent Kickstarter drive advertised the game for PC and Wii U.

[Image: QE2]
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