Super Smash Bros. posters up for grabs from Club Nintendo

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Super Smash Bros. posters up for grabs from Club Nintendo
Sitting on a pile of Club Nintendo coins, just waiting for some worthwhile physical goods to show up in the program's online store? Hopefully you've got some open wall space, because a new, Super Smash Bros.-themed poster set appeared earlier this week, offering the above spreads in exchange for 700 coins.

The set features familiar art with a few crossover tweaks. Sure, you've seen Rosalina and Mario soar through space, but ... hey, which yoga pose gives you the power of flight, Wii Fit Trainer? Isabelle also seems keen on Mayor Villager snatching up a Smash Ball to banish Link, Mario and Kirby from the homely Animal Crossing town.

Each poster is 22" x 28", with sets due to ship two to three weeks after coins are cashed in. For those that have never used Club Nintendo, coins can be earned by registering Nintendo games and systems with a Club Nintendo profile. Reward amounts vary, but registering 3DS and Wii U games generally grants 30 and 60 coins respectively, with post-play surveys and smaller, eShop-only games serving up smaller coin stacks.

If you've already lined your walls with past poster sets, well ... at least there's still that Smash Bros. soundtrack to earn.
[Image: Nintendo]
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