The Black Glove gets VR support in effort to secure funding

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The Black Glove gets VR support in effort to secure funding
Day For Night Games - a studio formed largely by ex-BioShock developers - is struggling with its campaign to crowdfund The Black Glove, its first game. With less than a week left, the Kickstarter page shows only approximately $155,000 raised on a goal of $550,000. To rectify this situation, Day For Night has instituted "Operation: Save The Black Glove," which is detailed in a Kickstarter update post.

"We're at a similar crossroads to where Republique was at this point in their Kickstarter campaign," the update reads, pointing to how developer Camouflaj raised 70 percent of its goal within its final week. "Taking inspiration from Camoflaq [sic] - whose Ryan Payton wrote us yesterday: 'YOU CAN DO IT!!' - we're launching Operation: Save The Black Glove."

The operation largely consists of sharing images emblazoned with the #savetheblackglove hashtag and tweeting said hashtag on Twitter, but Day For Night Games has also announced VR device support for the game in an effort to rally enthusiasm. Should The Black Glove be funded, it will support both the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus when it launches on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.

We'll find out if that's enough to entice backers when The Black Glove's Kickstarter campaign closes at 4:30 PM Eastern on November 7.
[Image: Day For Night Games]
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