Smart light bulb fools burglars by pretending you're at home

There's no shortage of smart light bulbs that will save energy or set a special mood, but they don't usually do much for when you're away from home. What if you want to trick thieves into thinking you're still around? BeON Home might have tackled that problem with its new Burglar Deterrent. The lighting doesn't just come on for set intervals -- it learns your habits to make it look like you're at home, and it'll even listen for your doorbell to turn on the lights and spook would-be intruders. Each bulb has its own backup power, too, and they'll react to your smoke detector's sounds to light the way out during a fire.

BeON is crowdfunding the project by offering bundles based on the size of your home. Apartment dwellers can pledge between $199 and $269 to get a three-pack; those with larger abodes can plunk down $395 to $535 for six units, and those with sprawling estates can shell out $595-plus for nine bulbs. So long as everything remains on track, you'll get your gear between April and August. This isn't the cheapest smart lighting system you'll see, but it could make the most sense if you go on enough trips to worry frequently about break-ins.