Samsung's first Smart Bulb is Bluetooth-only and lasts 10 years

Though it got beat to the punch by arch-competitor LG, Samsung has just released its debut smart LED bulb, literally called the "Smart Bulb." It looks nothing like the multi-tiered model we saw at the FCC, but retains the Bluetooth-only spec -- unlike the WiFi-based Philips Hue and LG's WiFi/Bluetooth Smart Lamp. That'll give you direct control of up to 64 bulbs via a smartphone app, similar to how the Lumen bulb works. However, you'll need a ZigBee Bluetooth hub for home automation, and there's no word yet if that'll be included. The bulb will dim down to ten percent power with a color range between warm and cool white, meaning the disco-like tricks of the Philips and Lumen models are out. There's no word yet on the price, but Samsung said the Smart Bulb would last a prodigious 15,000 hours or around 10 years under normal usage. Given that, if it's in the same $32 range as LG's bulb, we think we can swing it.