LotRO's Update 15 goes live with the Beorning class

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.05.14

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LotRO's Update 15 goes live with the Beorning class
Lord of the Rings Online has given the go for Update 15, which is currently live on the servers.

Update 15's centerpiece is the addition of the Beorning class, a "skin-changer" that transforms between human and bear form for a variety of attacks. The update also adds a tutorial zone for the Beornings, four regions of Central Gondor, a new book of the epic story, and the epic battle of Pelargir. Another change is that new free players will have to wait for three hours to use the world chat channel and any other user-created chat channels.

You can read up on Update 15 with Massively's hands-on of the Beorning and our recent dev tour, as well as the official patch notes.
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