There's now a steel-reinforced bullet for 3D-printed guns

Despite all the hype surrounding 3D-printed guns (good and bad), they still haven't truly taken off outside of enthusiasts. A reason for this is, perhaps, the lack of powerful ammunition -- something that's not 3D-printed or, put simply, generally made out of plastic materials. But, as Wired reports, a gentleman from Pennsylvania has already started working on a solution, for those who were looking for one anyway. Michael Crumling, a 25-year-old machinist, recently designed bullets that use a rather thick, steel shell, strong enough to keep a hold of the blast from inside without spreading any force to the weapon.

Crumling has been successfully testing live rounds of his ammo, which he's dubbed .314 Atlas, on a 3D-printed gun he created himself. "Basically it removes all the stresses and pressures from the 3-D printed parts," he told Wired. "You should be able to fire an unlimited number of shots through the gun without replacing any parts other than the shell." While this may be great news for fans of 3D-printed guns, we have a feeling that lawmakers won't be as pleased.