PSN Store Update: Digital Pros and CoDs

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PSN Store Update: Digital Pros and CoDs
We're knee-deep in silly season, so it was already a stuffed-enough PlayStation Store update. Factor in that we've just had the first Tuesday of November and therefore the PlayStation Plus slew of games, well, we've got a fair bit to get through here.

First off, there are the retail releases that get their downloadable accompaniments. That's MotoGP 14 (PS4 $60, PS3 $40 and Vita $30), The Wolf Among Us ($25 on PS4 and Vita), the standalone Toy Box download for Disney Infinity 2.0 ($20 on PS4 and PS3 for a limited time, regular price $30), Rocksmith 2014 ($60 on PS4), and finally the small matter of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($60 on PS4 and PS3.)

If you've got $100 to burn, you qualify to be a Digital Pro thanks to CoD: Advanced Warfare - Digital Pro Edition. Earning this prestigious title comes with the added benefits of the season pass, a bonus multiplayer map and other in-game goodies.

Right, onto the download-only stuff, starting with PS4. How to Survive's been doing the rounds since 2013, and now the zombified action-RPG comes to PS4 in a DLC-stuffed $20 edition. The other download-only new release for PS4 is Team Meat's cave-crawler The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which is $15 or free for PS Plus members. The second PS4 Plus freebie for this month is another underground adventure, namely Steamworld Dig.

Both Steamworld Dig and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth are on Vita - the former's confirmed as cross-buy - and there's other fresh meat for handheld users this week. Side-scrolling, choice-heavy horror game Home makes its debut on Vita ($3, cross-buy with PS4), as well as arcade-style, self-proclaimed "fruit-em-up" Don't Die, Mr Robot! ($5).

If you're sick of games in which you escape zombies, The Hungry Horde (trailer above) lets you play as a horde of block-headed undead, roaming around as you zombify more humans and generally ramp up the apocalypse. The Hungry Horde is $10 or free for Plus subscribers, with Escape Plan being the other Vita freebie this month. By the by, Escape Plan is cross-buy, so if you get it on Vita you also unlock the PS4 version.

That just leaves the PS3, where you'll find no-holds-barred multiplayer racer Blazerush ($10), mystery puzzler Snark Busters: High Society ($12) and the "Prime" edition Frozen Synpase ($20 or $25 with soundtrack). Frozen Synapse is one of this month's two PS3 Plus games, with the second being Vlambeer's Luftrausers (cross-buy with Vita).

For new sales, pre-orders and so on, head on over to the PlayStation Blog.
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