Splatoon pits squids against octopuses in Q2 2015

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, president Satoru Iwata offered a launch window for upcoming day-glo paint shooter Splatoon and also outlined the game's central conflict.

It seems that the adorable, paint-wielding protagonists of Splatoon are actually squid people. According to Nintendo's no doubt highly-trained biologists, the greatest natural enemy of the squid is the octopus, and as such Splatoon pits the aforementioned adorable squid people against much less adorable octopus people (seen above, slightly adorable). Iwata made no mention of what these anthropomorphized cephalopods are fighting over, but using Nintendo logic it could be anything from a few coins to a princess.

While there's still no specific launch date for Splatoon, Iwata believes the game will reach the Wii U in Q2 of 2015. Beyond the break you'll find a trailer introducing the octopus menace.

[Image: Nintendo]