Swype for iOS 8 understands 16 new languages and suggests emoji

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Mariella Moon
November 5, 2014 6:11 AM
Swype for iOS 8 understands 16 new languages and suggests emoji

Still sticking to the default keyboard on your iPhone or iPad? Nuance is hoping you'll give Swype a try, that's why the company has updated its virtual keyboard with support for 16 new languages. These include Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and even Hinglish (that's a hybrid of Hindi and English, if you didn't know), bringing the total number of supported languages to 21. Plus, Swype now automatically suggests emojis to use, depending on the words in your message. For instance, if you use happy, excited words, expect the keyboard to suggest some grinning, party-loving smileys -- and vice versa.

You can now also access all available themes on the iPad, as well as switch to QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts (or another one designed specifically for the iPad) , if you're tired of QWERTY. You can get all these, along with the new auto-space feature, when you update or download Swype from iTunes for $1. But if you've never liked Swype on Android and would rather try something else, check out our list of third-party keyboards for iOS8.
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