Get buff with Buff Knight Lite

Players strike down enemies with lighting in Buff Knight Lite

Strike down enemies with blue lightning, tap a fairy for coins, and build up your armor to become the greatest knight in Buff Knight Lite. When the character dies, players can use the in-game store to upgrade armor, weapons, and stock up on potions. Buff Knight Lite is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

Buff Knight Lite is a side scrolling RPG runner where their character automatically attacks normal enemies during the run. Players control magic attacks, healing their character, restoring mana, and tapping on items. The only catch is that the character automatically takes damage from enemies as well. This makes the game challenging as players are constantly switching between healing or replenishing mana and attacking with magic to keep their character alive.

Players attack enemies in Buff Knight Lite

Players can upgrade their character's equipment to increase defense or melee attack damage in the store. They can also purchase potions to restore health or mana. They can upgrade their player's stats, like strength or intelligence, which helps players get past more difficult enemies. If players are having trouble getting through a run, increasing the amount of potions they start out with may help.

As this is the lite version of Buff Knight, there are a number of ads that pop up. Occasionally, an ad will pop up after loosing a run that players cannot close. Thus, forcing players to restart the app. Another annoying problem with the ads is that their placement makes it hard to tap menu buttons. The menu buttons in the shop are condensed in a smaller space because of the ad being at the bottom. This placement is made even more annoying by the close button being too close to the ad and sometimes players might accidentally tap the ad.

Players upgrade their character in Buff Knight Lite

Buff Knight Lite has a nice variety in the enemy characters as they differ in strength mainly. This creates a nice challenge as players have to decide when to use magic against certain enemies to reduce the amount of damage their character takes. A weird occurrence in Buff Knight Lite is that when players upgrade the sword and shield, the design gets updated on the character in the game, however, the rest of the armor does not. This makes a visual disconnect between what the player upgrades and what is shown.

A fairy floats through the level at random times and players must tap her to get the coins, potions, and diamonds she may drop. It is very beneficial for players to keep an eye out for her presence, especially if they are low on health. This sometimes means the difference between a run ending and continuing.

There are also chests in Buff Knight Lite that contain coins which can be used in the shop for upgrades, but these chests require keys to open. Keys are random drops throughout the run which players can pick up.

Players destroy enemies in an attempt to be the best knight in Buff Knight Lite

Buff Knight Lite is free on the App Store and recommended as an addictive fun endless runner type RPG.