Lords of the Fallen heads to the library in winter DLC pack

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Lords of the Fallen heads to the library in winter DLC pack
The first expansion to Lords of the Fallen will arrive this winter, developer CI Games announced. Going by the name Ancient Labyrinth, the downloadable content will focus on puzzle-solving in a new location known as The Library, which includes the history of the hero Harkyn's world as well as a magical power-shifting Lord to battle.

Without getting into specifics, CI Games also revealed that Ancient Labyrinth will feature new NPCs to interact with, side-quests to complete and gear to equip. Since its late October launch, Lords of the Fallen sold over 200,000 and shipped 700,000 copies to retailers, executive producer Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer. The developer also noted that it needed to ship half a million copies in order to break even on its 42m Polish zloty ($12.3 million) development costs. Our review of the Dark Souls-like game did find the game tedious after some time, though there was "definitely satisfaction to be had" with the game.
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CI Games, developers of the newly-released action-RPG title, Lords of the Fallen, have announced an upcoming expansion campaign, entitled "Ancient Labyrinth," which will be available this winter as Downloadable Content (DLC) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam on PC. The DLC will focus on puzzles and exploration as well as challenging fights with undead demons.

Ancient Labyrinth will contain:
A powerful ancient Lord, a magical foe who changes his powers continuously throughout the battle, keeping players on their toes
A new location, The Library, filled with puzzles, environmental riddles and history of Harkyn's world
A new puzzle-based gameplay mechanic
An all-new quest centered around the story of immortal, powerful demons
Side-quests and NPCs with an agenda that affects the war between human and demonic realms
New armor and weapons
Once installed, Ancient Labyrinth can be accessed through a new door found within the game world.

Lords of the Fallen puts players in the role of Harkyn, a man who has accumulated numerous tattoos carved across his face due to a life of sinful transgressions. As Harkyn, players will battle in decrepit monasteries, dank catacombs and locations unknown across a planet ravaged by a ruthless god imprisoned for his greed. In Lords of the Fallen, players take part in an adventure that places a heavy emphasis on skill and persistence, challenging players to hone their abilities with a multitude of weapons, armor character upgrades and supernatural abilities. Lords of the Fallen is available now PC, and is also distributed throughout the Americas by BANDAI NAMCO Games America on PlayStation 4 system and Xbox One. For more information Lords of the Fallen, please visit: http://lordsofthefallen.com/.
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