Skyforge's first technical beta weekend begins November 13th


The conglomerate of companies building Skyforge -- Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and -- have announced that the MMORPG's first technical beta weekend will kick off on Thursday, November 13th. What's a technical beta?

The technical beta weekend is a "technical test" in that the purpose of the beta will be to test Skyforge's core systems such as server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services and more. Therefore, we are only inviting a relatively small number of players to participate in this phase of testing to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and able to withstand the stress of many players all logging into the game simultaneously.

The developers are also hoping to provoke feedback about core gameplay systems such as classes, quests, combat, and character progression.

This weekend's beta winds down on November 16th, but more tests with more invitees are planned.