Step into The Dream Machine episode 5 on November 14

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Step into The Dream Machine episode 5 on November 14
The Dream Machine's penultimate episode is due out on Friday, November 14, featuring scenery hand-crafted from moss, coffee grounds and ... are those broccoli trees? Finally, we can pretend to be vegetarian giants during our adult lives.

The Dream Machine is a whimsical, eerie point-and-click adventure created with real-life materials and filmed in stop-motion. There will be six episodes total, after developers at Cockroach Inc. decided to split episode four into two pieces because it was bigger than they anticipated.

"It took a while, but it's crazy big, featuring strange forests made out of moss, lichen and coffee grounds," Cockroach Inc. founder Anders Gustafsson says about episode five. "We really went balls-out on this one."

On YouTube, Cockroach Inc. adds, "In order to differentiate it from most other games out there, we decided to steer as far away from all things polygonal as possible, and are actually building all the environments, props and characters out of clay and cardboard."

See a few pretty images from episode five in the gallery, and below check out the release date trailer featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking creation of these environments. The Dream Machine is available for PC and Mac via Steam and the game's official site.
[Image: Cockroach Inc.]
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