New Project Ara rival promises a modular phone with a focus on security

Project Ara isn't the only modular phone to look forward to anymore: it now has a fledgling rival in Vsenn, a startup co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager... at least according to its website. The project's so new, all its details can fit in a splash page at this point, though it has revealed enough to give us a decent idea of what it's about. Unlike Google's Project Ara, which has many swappable components, Vsenn will only have three -- the camera, the battery and the processor/RAM -- along with a replaceable back cover similar to those old Nokia brick phones. The phone will apparently come with three layers of encryption, though, as well as free access to a VPN network and a secure cloud service. Finally, the device will run vanilla Android with four years of guaranteed updates. We'll make sure to let you know when we hear more about the project. Or you can follow Vsenn's Twitter account, where the startup has divulged that its first model will have a 4.7-inch full HD screen, for more updates.