Watch these adorable robots dance better than you

We're used to seeing robots like MIT's Cheetah that are absolutely terrifying, so starting day two of Expand New York with an android dance party was a welcome change of pace. It came, of course, by way of the folks at Aldebaran Robotics who brought a trio of their fifth-generation Nao bi-peds to bust a groove. The outfit's James Dietrich said that while there are over 10,000 of the friendly little 'bots in use in some 70 countries, there are a more than a few things holding us back from having Rosie from The Jetsons in our homes. Namely, the price needs to come down: Developers can get one for $6,000 and a consumer model is a whopping $8,000.


More than that, Dietrich said software is a hurdle as well because domestic robots need to hit an "iPhone-like system where there's a core set of apps that just make it work." How long will that take? He guesses between three and five years before we have an assistant rolling around the house and helping get the kids ready for school. Until then, you can check out the video of the adorable humanoids just below.

Engadget Expand: Nao Robot Dancers