Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition calls RPG fans to yesterdecade

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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition calls RPG fans to yesterdecade
Dungeons & Dragons fans can now expand their game-based inventory with Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, a reworked version of 2000's classic role-playing game from Black Isle Studios. Adventurers can take a trip down Enhanced Edition's ice-slicked memory lane on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam, iOS using the App Store, or Android through Google Play. The mobile versions are available for $9.99, while the Steam version is going for $19.99.

As its name suggests, Enhanced Edition has a few new features equipped compared to the original release, including dozens of new spells and items, more than 30 new kits and classes, and content that was cut from the original release. Enhanced Edition also supports cross-platform multiplayer and includes the Heart of Winter expansion, as well as its Trials of the Luremaster add-on.

Update: This article has been edited to reflect the Steam version's $19.99 price tag.
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