Google now runs an airfield after signing a 60-year NASA lease

Moffett Field's Hangar One

It's official: following months of negotiations, Google now has an airfield to call its own. The company's Planetary Ventures wing has signed a lease with NASA that lets it manage Moffett Federal Airfield, including three hangars, two runways and even a golf course. The 60-year (!) deal will have the internet giant shell out $6.3 million per year in upkeep, and a total of $1.16 billion in rent. Don't worry that Google will run roughshod over Moffett's historical significance. The agreement also has the company pledging $200 million to both restore the hangars and create a previously promised educational building that illustrates the airfield's role in Silicon Valley's past. Google hasn't said exactly what it plans to do with the new turf, but the odds are that it'll be used for much more than executives' private jets. Don't be shocked if you see some internet balloons floating over Mountain View in the years ahead.

[Image credit: Erik Charlton, Flickr]