Red vs Blue creator Rooster Teeth acquired by Fullscreen

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Earnest Cavalli
November 10th, 2014
Red vs Blue creator Rooster Teeth acquired by Fullscreen
Online content creator network Fullscreen has acquired Rooster Teeth, the wildly popular group behind the Red vs Blue machinima series and dozens of other videos that have attracted millions of views on YouTube.

In a blog post, Rooster Teeth creative director Michael "Burnie" Burns explains the situation and assures fans that this partnership will mean good things for the group. "The strength of Rooster Teeth's and Fullscreen's combined resources will mean we can stay not just competitive in this exploding digital marketplace, but that we can continue to drive the direction of the industry," Burns writes, before thanking the fans and promising that the acquisition will result in even better content from Rooster Teeth in the future.

Neither Fullscreen nor Rooster Teeth have disclosed the full details of this partnership, but Games Industry reports that Matt Hullum will remain CEO and that Michael Burns will continue in his role as creative director.
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