This app helps you find strangers to hike with, which might be a bad idea

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Mike Wehner
November 10th, 2014
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This app helps you find strangers to hike with, which might be a bad idea


Walking into the wilderness with a complete stranger might sound like the beginning of a slasher movie, but that's exactly the point of, an upcoming app that lets outdoor enthusiasts connect and meet up for their own adventures. The app uses a questionnaire system similar to some dating apps, only instead of matching you with potential mates based on relationship metrics, it matches you with other nature lovers to schedule co-op hiking dates.

What's particularly unique about is that it emphasizes all communication take place outside of the app itself. There's no way to carry on a conversation with your matches from within the app, which may or may not be a great idea. On one hand it's smart to push people to interact face-to-face and make plans for the outdoor activities the app revolves around, but on the other hand, if the first time you converse with a stranger comes just before walking into the woods or up an mountain with them, your chances of ending up on a forensic murder show might spike a bit.

via Springwise

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