Modular 3D printer lets you add whatever tools you need

One of the biggest problems in 3D printing is anticipating the kind of equipment you'll need; if you suddenly have to print in ceramics, you may have to buy another machine. That won't be an issue if the Flux 3D printer gets off the ground. The crowdfunded device lets you swap in modules that accomplish any number of tasks; if you need to laser-etch wood or work with pastry, you just switch components. It's not a large printer, but it includes a 3D scanner and lets you replace some parts if they break.

You'll have to pledge between $499 and $599 if you want the normal Flux printer, although you'll have to wait until July to get one at those prices. If you'd like one by May, you'll have to plunk down $899 for a bundle that includes a laser engraving module and safety glasses. Either option will lead to a long wait, but patience may be a virtue if you're determined to get a single 3D printer that can theoretically do it all.