Final Fantasy 13-2 heading to Steam in December

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Final Fantasy 13-2 heading to Steam in December

Square Enix is following up on the recent Steam launch of Final Fantasy 13 with a PC version of its direct sequel Final Fantasy 13-2 next month.

Square Enix previously revealed that all three formerly console-exclusive entries in Final Fantasy's Lightning Saga (Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, and Lightning Returns) would see a PC release via Steam. Final Fantasy 13 premiered for Valve's digital distribution service in October, offering a 60 frames-per-second presentation and platform-exclusive bonuses like Steam Trading Cards.

Final Fantasy 13-2 is up for pre-order on Steam at a 10 percent discount ahead of its scheduled launch on December 11. A PC release date for Lightning Returns is not yet known.

[Video: Square Enix]
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