Humble Jumbo Bundle 3: Saints Row 4, Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Humble Jumbo Bundle 3: Saints Row 4, Euro Truck Simulator 2
The newest Humble Jumbo Bundle lets you live out your wildest dreams, offering digital power fantasies that range from high-flying superheroics to ... freight delivery. Look, some people just dream on a smaller scale, and that's perfectly fine.

Pay any amount for the bundle and you'll get the Kickstarter-funded adventure game Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, Devolver-published RPG Always Sometimes Monsters, and multiplayer FPS Insurgency. Beating the average purchase price (currently $6.10) will also unlock the sim-styled racer GRID 2, strategy-RPG Blackguards, and big rig hauler Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Pay $12 or more for the package and you'll additionally receive a Steam copy of Volition's superpowered open-world action game Saints Row 4. Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 is live through November 25.

[Image: Volition]
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