Even Pioneer CDJs don't play CDs anymore

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The Pioneer CDJ-1000 sparked a revolution in the early '00s, persuading many DJs to put their vinyls to one side and make the move from analog to digital recordings. While, thanks to services like iTunes and Spotify, CDs have almost been relegated to the history books, CDJs are still very much a thing. If Pioneer has its way, however, they won't be for much longer. The aptly named XDJ-1000 is the company's first USB-only deck -- the first CDJ to not play CDs.

The XDJ-1000 has all the features of Pioneer's high-end CD decks, and the setup will be mostly the same for anyone familiar with the CDJ models of old. it does have a couple of party tricks, like the ability to jump backwards or forwards within a loop, and a fancy new 7-inch touchscreen for displaying info or browsing an attached hard drive or USB key. You'll also be able to analyze and prep tracks using your computer, tablet or smartphone before you start your set. While many CDJ units already play nicely with USB storage, cutting out the CD drive has one massive benefit: price. The XDJ-1000 will retail for $1,199.99, putting this capable player firmly in the low-end of Pioneer's lineup.

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