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DirecTV rolls out 4K programing, but only for those with Samsung TVs

Early last year, DirecTV registered a slew of 4K-branded trademarks to slap on its eventual UHD content roll out. None of those trademarks bubbled to the public eye, but the content, at least, is finally here: starting this week, customers with the Genie HD DVR will be able to stream 20 movies from Paramount Pictures and K2 Communications in 4K. The list is a mishmash of blockbusters and documentaries (including things like Forrest Gump, Star Trek (2009) and Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs) but there's a catch: you can only watch them if you own a Samsung 4K TV.

DirecTV's announcement lists Samsung as its exclusive 4K UHD launch partner, explaining that the content is only available to customers with the aforementioned DVR and a supported UHD 4K-ready Samsung device. Kind of odd, considering most content is manufacturer agnostic. Still, choosing Samsung as its first official partner is hardly a surprise: the manufacturer has always worked closely with DirecTV, and is among the brands that supports RVU natively. The company didn't say how long the manufacture exclusive deal would last, but told Engadget it expects to see more TVs that are "DirecTV 4K Ready" launching throughout next year. Check out the source link for the provider's official announcement.