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Here's what the FCC thought about John Oliver's net neutrality rant

Remember when John Oliver gave the net neutrality issue a hammering on his HBO Show? If you hadn't heard (and we've embedded the segment after the break), Oliver's call to (digital) arms led to internet users collapsing part of the FCC's site with a torrent of comments. But what happened on the other side? The Verge made a Freedom of Information Act request to those that control the pipes of the internet, and part of the response included email exchanges between employees regarding the whole implosion.

Some emails included blow-by-blow commentaries from FCC employees, including Courtney Reinhard who has since left the FCC to become VP of government relations at Verizon. Other threads, following the FCC site overload, cover how the FCC reacted to reporters' questions. They told reporters that it was unclear if Oliver's rant had crashed the site, but that they had certainly experienced a traffic spike. You say potatoes...