AMC's unlimited ticket lets you watch 'Interstellar' as much as you want


Are you so enthralled with Interstellar that you're determined to see it a second, third or ninth time? AMC Theatres might have you covered. The chain has just unveiled its first-ever Unlimited Ticket for the sci-fi epic; if you're an AMC Stubs member, you can shell out between $20 and $35 (depending on the location) to come back to the theater as much as you want. If you've already seen the flick, you can plunk down $15 to upgrade. You'll have to watch at least twice for this offering to make sense, but that's not hard if you have friends who want to see the movie after you've already been.

The Unlimited Ticket will only be available "while supplies last," so you'll want to act quickly if you like the concept. AMC hasn't said whether or not it plans to repeat this strategy in the future, although it's easy to see this happening for other big-name titles. The unlimited offering could help it get more cash from theatergoers who'd otherwise wait for home releases to see a movie again. It may also be alluring for studios, which could make up for smaller overall audiences by encouraging ardent fans to come back. Either way, it's clear that AMC remains eager to experiment with any business model that gives you a reason to leave home (and importantly, your digital movie services) more often.