Goat MMO Simulator will WoW fans for free later this week

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Goat MMO Simulator will WoW fans for free later this week
If you're a MMO player LFG - Looking For Goats - then you're probably mad. You're also exactly the kind of oddball who'll be interested by Goat MMO Simulator, a free expansion for Goat Simulator that's releasing on Steam this Thursday, November 20.

Note the placement of MMO in the title; as developer Coffee Stain Studios puts it, the patch delivers "MMO simulation so good you'll think it's real." Regardless, the DLC features five classes that include Warrior, Rouge (yes, Rouge) and Microwave (still yes, Microwave.) The level cap is 101, sheep and goat factions are at war, and there are mermaids. And, 'cos it's Goat Simulator, there's another great trailer to watch below the break.

If you somehow missed the Goat Simulator train, Coffee Stain's menagerie of madness captured the imagination this year on the back of clever marketing and a kind of charming irreverence, turning what started as a bit of fun into an absolute hit. Since launching on Steam in April it's gone on to sell around a million copies, trot onto iOS and Android, and secure an upcoming Xbox One port.

And what about the actual game, you ask? Well, it's a goat simulator, sort of. And soon, a microwave simulator... sort of.
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