Braben clarifies Elite: Dangerous' lack of an offline mode

Well, this should mollify no one.

When fans were told that Elite: Dangerous will not feature an offline mode, they were a little upset, considering it had been one of the explicit promises made during the game's Kickstarter campaign. Head honcho David Braben took the opportunity to clarify the situation, promising that while the game will not have any sort of offline play offered now or (likely) in the future, there will still be single-player options. You'll just have to be online to play them.

Braben defended the decision as a fundamental creative decision, an attempt to deliver the best possible version of the game rather than an inferior offline experience. However, Braben also admitted that the team should have communicated more openly with players regarding the state of the offline version of the game. He also said that individual requests for refunds by anyone dissatisfied by this change are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Elite: Dangerous is still on track for an official release on December 18th.