Create your own smart home with littleBits' house-friendly kit

Ever since littleBits' snap-together circuits got the ability to speak to the internet, they were crying out to be used for home-automation. Today, littleBits itself is making that a dead cert, by launching a "Smart Home Kit." The pack contains 14 magnetic "bits" to get your inventions started, including five new tools (MP3 player, Threshold, Number, Temperature Sensor, and IR transmitter). Theoretically, that internet-connected iguana enclosure you were after, or that DIY smart-toaster are now just a $250 spend away --the price of the new kit, available starting tomorrow. If you're stuck for inspiration (or, y'know, don't own an iguana), the bundle comes with a poster containing 14 ideas to try out, and a new AC switch means you can connect directly to the mains. Still stuck for ideas? There are some videos after the break, snap to it.