Report: IT provider Infosys overbilled Apple, CEO and CFO on the way out

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It's not nice to fool around with Apple, especially when you're an outsourced tech support company that's making about US$2 billion a year from work with the Cupertino kids. 9to5Mac, citing a post in The Economic Times of India, reports that Apple contractor Infosys has fired the CFO of its business process outsourcing unit and that the CEO of the company has resigned on "moral grounds" linked to alleged overbilling of Apple.

A tweet from Techmeme editor Mahendra Palsule noted that Apple does about $2 billion worth of business with Infosys annually, and that the "CFO was sacked for overbilling Apple."

That info was apparently reported only as an "insider exclusive" on the TV channel run by The Economic Times of India, while the online post of the changes at Infosys provides no mention of Apple. We'll update this story as details become available.

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