Yahoo will be Firefox's default search engine for the next five years

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Sean Buckley
November 19th, 2014
Yahoo will be Firefox's default search engine for the next five years

Remember when Yahoo was your go-to search engine for browsing the web? It might be again soon, at least if you're a Firefox user. Mozilla and Yahoo just announced a five year deal to make Yahoo the web browser's default search engine, supplanting Google as the top item in Firefox's search bar in the United States. Mozilla says this is part of providing a more "local" experience -- until now, the company defaulted to Google search regardless of the user's country. Now the default search engine will be assigned by region: Yahoo for the United States, Yandex search for Russia and Baidu for China. Each region will have the ability to switch to other local options as well, giving Googlers a chance to switch back if they so desire.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer says that the deal will allow the two firms to work more closely together on future product integration, a process it's starting with Yahoo search: starting in December, Firefox users will become the first folks with access to a new, more immersive Yahoo. This promises to have a cleaner, more interactive interfaces with a heavier focus on personalization. Dedicated to using Google Chrome, but still want in on the new Yahoo? Don't worry -- it'll roll out to all users in early 2015. Check out the companys' announcements a the source links below.

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