PSA: Chat commands barrage Akiba's Trip streamers with underpants and foreigners

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PSA: Chat commands barrage Akiba's Trip streamers with underpants and foreigners
Akiba's Trip isn't what you think it is. You spend your time in Marvelous' action RPG mercilessly beating vampires with folding chairs and forcibly removing their clothing, but it's not some kind of perv fiesta made for voyeurs. Players are performing a public service getting rid of those vampires! Of course, that doesn't mean Trip doesn't hide voyeuristic thrills inside, they just happen to be reserved for folks watching Twitch streams of the PS4 version, which is out next week. With just a few simple chat commands, viewers can smother an Akiba's Trip player in panties, aunties, and more.

The extensive list of commands chat can use to alternately aid and torture players includes a sizable number of summons. Type in "tourist" or "gaijin," you'll summon in some non-Japanese natives onto the screen. Not too weird. Type in "gothic lolita" and you'll call in a woman dressed like this, not a copy of Vladimir Nabokov's novel with a Cure sticker on it. Also not weird. Type in "auntie" and someone's aunt will show up. Fine, very weird.

Weirder are the actions. Type in "look," and every character on screen will turn around and stare into the camera. Speaking of those unmentionables, typing in "pantyjump" will blow all panties, boxers, and briefs into the air where they fly around like leaves on the wind.

Yes, by simply typing typing "auntie," "pantyjump," and "look" into Twitch chat, you too can turn a friend's Akiba's Strip stream into a horrific anxiety dream about being stuck in class in your underpants.

More commands after the jump.
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At any time during gameplay, you can press the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to upload screenshots or videos of your current gaming session, or to livestream your amoral Akiba activities. While livestreaming, viewers will be able to interact with you indirectly (if enabled in the Options screen) through the use of the following various and sundry chat commands:

Summons Nana to help patrol the area and fight by your side. But, wait... Nana, where did you get those clothes? And that weapon?!

Anonymously informs the people in your immediate vicinity that you called them fat and insulted their dog.

Anonymously tips off the local police force that you've been causing some trouble. Basically, it's the ultimate tattle (without bringing religion into the mix, anyway).

Causes some sort of absolutely amazing thing to happen just behind the camera, forcing everyone to turn and look at it for a second.

Increments your Unison Strip gauge through an unspecified psychic bond. Probably the nicest thing your viewers can type.

Manipulates the wind in a very specific way, causing any panties presently on the ground to fly into the air and float gently back to earth.

Join (+ optional message)
Creates a random NPC in the area bearing the commenter's name. When spoken with, this NPC will say "Hello, fellow Akiba enthusiast!" like a total square - or, alternately, whatever the commenter told him/her to say, like a total champion.

If the commenter wishes to create a specific NPC type rather than leaving things up to chance, he/she may substitute any of the following for the word "Join": man, woman, geek, nerd, dork, otaku, gothic, lolita, goth, loli, thug, punk, delinquent, aunt, auntie, lady, boy, schoolboy, girl, schoolgirl, foreigner, visitor, tourist or gaijin.

If you use the "look" command and there are no NPCs around, nothing will happen. If you use the "police" command and the player isn't doing anything wrong, the police officer will spawn, but won't try to arrest you.
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