WoW Moviewatch: Pride

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|11.23.14

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Fair warning: This is a very, very long machinima, clocking in at over and hour and a half, and there is some NSFW language at various points in the film. If, however, you were looking for the ultimate in Siege of Orgrimmar story machinimas, this is it. We featured the trailer for Pride just before BlizzCon, and the movie itself came out on November 5, just as everything was beginning to kick off in Anaheim. However, the trailer has nothing on the full film, which features the story of a group of horde heroes who have let the Sha of Pride tear their group apart, but manage to pull together to achieve the impossible, and defeat Garrosh Hellscream.

The film is a pretty amazing combination of Blizzard cinematics and voiceovers interspersed with the main story written by Suge. And on top of all of that, actual raid footage from the Siege of Orgrimmar was also used to full effect, showcasing guilds The Fallen and Blow fighting the 25m Heroic (now Mythic) version of Garrosh Hellscream and his cohorts. It's a pretty amazing film, and although there are a few voice actors with less than optimal microphones, it really doesn't matter so much in the long run. Pride may run a little long, but it's worth the watch.

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