Heroes of the Storm reveals new Winter Veil, Altered Fate skins

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|11.24.14

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Heroes of the Storm revealed another new set of character skins today: two Winter Veil skins, a Winter veil mount, and two new "Altered Fate" skins -- that is, skins that flip established lore on its head. The skins are Great-father Winter Rehgar, Winter Veil Jaina, Betrayer Malfurion, and Warden Tyrande. We're all big fans of Jaina Proudmoore here at WoW Insider, so it's likely no surprise that I personally find Winter Veil Jaina to be the best of the lot.

These skins are not yet available for purchase in the in-game shop -- which doesn't matter all that much, given precious few people are currently in the beta. All of these skins, once made available, will remain available indefinitely, however. They'll be there when you get there.
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