iPhone 6 launch broke app download records

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Mike Wehner
November 24th, 2014
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iPhone 6 launch broke app download records
iphone 6
The launch of a new iPhone always creates a bump in App Store downloads, but this year's iPhone 6/6 Plus debut was a special kind of crazy. According to a new report by analytics firm Fiksu, October saw a massive surge in iOS app downloads that shattered previous records and led to a daily download volume of over 7.8 million downloads for the top 200 apps on the marketplace.

Fiksu's report emphasizes that user loyalty is a huge factor in device launches, suggesting the perceived devotion of Apple fans played a large role in the record breaking month. That trend is likely to continue into the holidays, as gift-giving leads to more upgrades and new iOS adopters who will undoubtedly be visiting the App Store to cash in their iTunes gift cards - everyone gets one or two of those every year, right?

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