Weather or Not gives you weather forecasts for events on your calendar

Mel Martin
M. Martin|11.24.14

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Mel Martin
November 24th, 2014
Weather or Not gives you weather forecasts for events on your calendar
What a clever idea for a weather app! Weather or Not (US$2.99) takes two things important in your daily life -- weather and your schedule -- and blends the two.

On its own, Weather or Not is a very nice weather app with beautiful animated graphics. You get the temperature, wind and humidity at whatever locations you set, as well the chance of precipitation. As you swipe your finger on the screen, an animated sun or moon moves to show you predictions for future times. The best part is that the app accesses your calendar and gives you a forecast for future events. You'll get weather seven days ahead; In addition, the app provides you with daily weather reports and forecasts for any upcoming events you have on the calendar, and the app provides a Today extension for iOS 8.

It's a complete package, with calendar/forecast integration being the really good idea here. The graphics are first rate, and you won't need any help setting this app up. When you run it for the first time, it will ask for access to your calendar. If an event is in another city, and that location is in your calendar, the app picks that up and gets you the right out of town forecast.

With holiday travel upon us, the app should be doubly useful as you make plans away from home. Weather or Not requires iOS 7, but you'll need iOS 8 to use the Today extension.

Weather or Not is a well thought out app that works well and looks great. The only thing I'd like to see are sunset and sunrise times.

Weather or Not is optimized for the iPhone 5 and 6.
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