BioDigital Human - 3D anatomy views on iOS

BioDigital Human (free with in-app purchases) is an astounding 3D map of the human body, all rendered in real time so you can explore, zoom and rotate anatomically correct illustrations. The body can be dissected virtually, and layers can be added or removed. Illustrations can be annotated and shared.

The free version has access to more than 1,000 anatomy and health condition models, along with editing tools. You can have any 5 models resident on your iOS device at any one time, and you can manage them by deleting some and replacing them with other models.

A premium option is US$4.00 a month, billed annually, which gives you the ability to browse more than 5,000 models, along with tools for authoring and embedding. I can see a great benefit for medical or biology students, and even medical professionals can use this to create impressive displays to share with patients or students. There are other plans that let you explore these models in a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

The quality of the graphics is very high quality, and on my iPhone 6, rotation is done in real-time and is very smooth. When you step back and think that this is running on an iPhone or iPad and not a high-end workstation, you will be impressed.

This app is better experienced than described, so if you are interested download the free version and explore. The iOS app is universal and requires iOS 7 or greater.

If you are interested in how the human body works this is the app for you. It is both impressive and educational.